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The Greene Space Announces 8 Winners for Its Call for Art

A distinguished panel of New York-based artist, curators and critics—Cey Adams, Shawna Stoller Brickley, Martha J. Fleischman and Joe Wigfall (winner of WNYC’s Street Shots contest)—selected the works that best embodied New York conversations for our Dialogue of Art competition.

The works of eight winners will be exhibited through Spring 2010 in a variety of locations in The Greene Space. Here they are:

The winners are:

Flying (2007)
by Lara Wechsler

Street Corner, Coney Island (2008)
by Elena E. Soterakis

Los No. 1 Meats (2008)
by Josh D. Goldstein

Daydreaming (2006)
by Jeanette R. Martone

CobaltTealBounce (2008)
by Louise P. Sloane

My Kitchen In March (2008)
by Samantha West

Marbles #1 / (2005-2008)
by Lj Lindhurst

NYC Poetry (2003)
by Elliott Kosloff (1936-2005)

The 34 finalists are: