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Agri + Culture (aka Fermentation and Civilization): Cheese

part of Lopate and Locavores

Monday, November 8, 2010

7:00 PM

This Lopate & Locavore event is sold out. Tickets are still available for Sunday's and Tuesday's events.

Before refrigeration, we had fermentation, which utilizes micro-organisms to preserve food. Without it, we wouldn’t have pickles, bread, beer, cheese, or many other common foods.  Leonard Lopate and his guests will explore the unique relationship between dairy farmers and cheese makers, and learn how to make cheese at home.

Guests include:

Lucky winners of a drawing will get to taste cheese made on site in a demonstration.

Food Sponsor: The Green Table and Cleaver Co
Beverage Sponsor:  AOC Fine Wines, Red Jacket Orchards 

In collaboration with FoodKarma Projects and Just Food
Just Food  

Food Karma Projects

Hosted by:

Leonard Lopate