Leonard Lopate Live with the Upright Citizens Brigade

Thursday, June 16, 2011

7:00 PM

Neil Casey, John Gabrus, Brandon Gardner, and Fran Gillespie from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre perform long-form improvisational comedy.  Everything will be created on the spot, performed for the first time, never to be seen again. They’ll be deconstructing–and demonstrating–the art of improv, using stories from the audience as the ingredients.

Then, we’ll move from a stage performance to the work of Shakespeare. We’re kicking off the Leonard Lopate Show Book Club! Leonard will moderate a discussion with Arthur Philips, author of the novel The Tragedy of Arthur, which looks at the enduring power of Shakespeare. We’re inviting the audience to read the book in advance and participate in the conversation.

Hosted by:

Leonard Lopate