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Moliere: Comic Genius

Molière: The Bungler

Monday, June 3, 2013

7:00 PM

Spend June with a comic genius! Join us for a month-long celebration of Molière, whose scathing comic dramas are as hilarious and true as ever. Each week, an ensemble of New York actors will perform his works as radio dramas. Come prepared for belly laughs and blushes.

The Bungler is Molière’s first recognizably great play and the first to be written in verse. Set in Sicily and born of the great Italian tradition of the Commedia dell’arte, this charming farce follows the fortunes of a young romantic who can’t stop sabotaging his own efforts to win the attention of his beloved. 

Directed by Sarah Montague and featuring Sean McNall, Charlotte Parry, Steven Rattazzi and Reg Rogers

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