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Moliere: Comic Genius

Molière: The School for Husbands and The Imaginary Cuckold

Monday, June 17, 2013

7:00 PM

Spend June with a comic genius! Join us for a month-long celebration of Molière, whose scathing comic dramas are as hilarious and true as ever. Each week, an ensemble of New York actors will perform his works as radio dramas. Come prepared for belly laughs and blushes.

Join us as we launch Molière: Comic Genius, our four-part festival celebrating the enduring work of Molière with a live stage reading each Monday during the month of June.

The School for Husbands and The Imaginary Cuckold were produced most often by Molière’s theater company during his lifetime. Both plays make a mockery of the doddering Sganarelle, first in the role of a controlling suitor and then cast again as a rash and foolish husband.

Directed by Cecilia Rubino (Triangle: From the Fire) and featuring Paul Hecht, Elizabeth Hess, Charlotte Parry, Steven Rattazzi, Reg Rogers and CJ Wilson.