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New Tech City: Parenting in the Digital Age

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

7:00 PM

Between tablets, cell phones, video games and computers, the minutes of daily screen time the average child logs in can quickly add up to hours. But is there a way to limit screen time while also giving kids the tools to compete in a global economy? Where do tech gadgets and digital media fit into effective and caring parenting? Is there a way to protect kids from online predators and cyberbullies?

Watch live! A video webcast will stream live below beginning 7:00pm ET:

Join New Tech City host Manoush Zomorodi in conversation with:

* Dr. Susan Linn, co-founder and director of The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

* Joel Levin, co-founder of the Games Based Education nonprofit MinecraftEdu

* Wendy Kelly, of the consciously low-tech Rudolf Steiner School, America’s first Waldorf school

* Matt Smith, director of Camp Longacre in Newport, PA, where campers can use their smartphones, iPads and other tech gadgets all summer long.

It’s a discussion about how to raise healthy, thoughtful, and confident kids in the digital age. Get a babysitter and come for the tips…and wine!


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