On-Demand Video: WNYC Science Fair, Vol. 3 - Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How far have we come in developing artificial intelligence?

For the third installment of our WNYC Science Fair on May 13, 2014, New Tech City's Manoush Zomorodi sat down with scientists developing the technologies that will shape our future: Hod Lipson, professor of engineering at Cornell University and director of its Creative Machines Lab, and Chico MacMurtrie, internationally recognized for his large-scale, performative, kinetic installations, and interactive public sculpture, and Artistic Director of Amorphic Robot Works.

Robots can compete on gameshowsdrive carsattempt to be our personal assistants, and one lonely Austrian vacuum might have even committed suicide. We talked about out whether the Singularity is nigh – and whether that should worry or delight us - with the people who are building the machines and writing the codes that will bring it on.

See some robots in action and watch the entire conversation below:  


Get a peek inside Chico MacMurtrie's Brooklyn art and technology space:


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