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Spinning Stoppard– A Stoppard Festival

Monday, June 21, 2010

Three Radio Plays by Tom Stoppard; Directed by Sarah Montague and Arthur Yorinks

Live Audio Performance: Listen Above

The Greene Space in collaboration with the Yorinks Theater Group presented a trio of lively examples of Tom Stoppard’s radio plays performed for an audience at The Greene Space, WNYC's new performance space venue on Charlton Street.

With superb New York actors and live music, the evening not only celebrated the genius of Stoppard, but merged the British sensibilities of his work with the grit and urbanity of New York City.

Spinning Stoppard – The Stoppard Festival was made possible through the generous support of the Sidney E. Frank Foundation.

  • ‘M’ is for Moon Among Other Things
  • If You’re Glad I’ll be Frank
  • The Dissolution of Dominic Boot

Cast includes: Jenny Langsam, Michael Connor, Andrew Joffe, Kevin Cristaldi, Jennifer Van Dyck, Steven Rattazzi

Musicians: Rick Wald, Lou Marini

Musical direction by Joe Randazzo

Curated and directed by Sarah Montague and Arthur Yorinks


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