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The Conversation Begins

Monday, April 18, 2011 - 12:00 AM

As we begin our conversation it seems most appropriate to introduce my colleagues, Sarah Montague and Andy Lanset.

Sarah gives us her look on the history of radio drama while Andy laments the woeful lack of tangible pieces of that history; both speak with eloquence and verve.

In a journey a true beginning has no start and a true destination has no end. In that spirit, we find ourselves not at the beginning of a dialogue about theater and sound and radio, we’re in the middle of it and I hope you will join cheerfully in the discussion that has no end.

It’s been my personal mission to light a fire under this moribund art form (in America) and I hope these pages will be the stone and flint.

Strike a match, strike up a band, strike while the iron is hot – with literally billions of devices that can play audio in the world’s hands…the audio theater “iron” is hot.

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