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Battle of the Boroughs 2015: The Contestants

Monday, January 12, 2015

Battle of the Boroughs 2015 (The Greene Space)

Join us on the hunt for New York City's best undiscovered musical act!

We dug through hundreds of entries to put together an eclectic lineup that captures the energy of the city's music scene. Get your tickets now so you can hear them all.

Beginning February 6, Terrance McKnight will host weekly borough-level concerts.  Our panel of judges will join in-studio and online audiences to vote for their favorite acts until we’re left with five borough finalists. They'll go head-to-head at the Ultimate Battle on March 27, competing for bragging rights and prizes including a showcase appearance at the famed Apollo Theater's Amateur Night.

Be a part of it all! Pay $75 for VIP admission to all five borough battles and the Ultimate Battle with a complimentary glass of wine or beer at each event OR $150 for VIP admission to all six battles with an open wine and beer bar.


Whether you come to The Greene Space or watch the concert live online, be sure to join the conversation on Twitter with #TGSBattle

Thanks to all the talented performers who entered! And now...the 2015 Battle of the Boroughs contestants:

riday, February 6

Friday, February 13

Friday, February 20

Friday, February 27

Friday, March 6



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Comments [17]

Andrew from Somewhere in southern Brooklyn

Is there something in the water now, in Staten Island, that brings out horrible, whining sore losers? Look guys, you didn't win, your pals didn't win. That's no reason to shame the whole contest, and all the other bands from S.I. I am sure that, in their opinion, and the opinion of their fans, they are just fine. Did you ever stop to think that the bands you are having a cow about not winning, possibly just weren't that good?

Frank Fyre, W. T. F? You have personally heard all these other bands and can attest to how horrible they are? Look man, it's a little contest. You don't need to get your panties in a bunch. The world doesn't depend on it, and the world doesn't need the bands you favor to win. In the long run, even in the short run, it makes no difference. Isn't there anyone from S.I who can be supportive of their borough, and not jealous and whiny? As far the the guy who said the bands from the other boroughs aren't any good, way to keep it classy.

Seriously, some of you act like you have a God given right to participate in this contest. A little clue: you don't. However, when you are competing in something, it's a good idea to be gracious if you lose. What would you do is your band HAD won, but then lost to someone else at the show? Throw a hissy fit? Storm off the stage? The amount of immaturity, whininess and just offensiveness in some of these comments boggles the mind.

Feb. 07 2015 02:22 PM
Frank Fyre from Staten Island

I am from Staten Island and it's pretty obvious that the whole borough will lose to the others. The selections representing S.I. are horrible --- thrash? punk? pop? hip-hop? dream punk? hardcore? WTF is that?

Christ, all the crap genres. That's what S.I. has to offer? No blues? No cool jazz or fusion? No progressive rock? No really good songwriting? Hey judges, it's not your fault; I don't blame you. I completely blame S.I. artists; they have brought this disaster on themselves.

I am rooting for Rick Rocker of Queens. Hope he wins the whole competition. Good luck, Rick !!

Feb. 06 2015 05:54 PM
Karen Stachel from Manhattan

Love this! I am so looking forward to doing this. Feeling blessed to be in it. Karen Stachel

Jan. 28 2015 12:37 PM
Robin R Dimaio from Manhattan

Dragonfly 13....We need the Funk.

Jan. 15 2015 06:51 AM

Hi Jack,

Thanks for posting such a positive message and congrats on getting selected to compete - you certainly deserve your slot, your music is fantastic. I mainly posted my comment because I was going through the bands that were selected and noticed these inconsistencies.

For instance, the band Wyland is also clearly from New Jersey because all of their press (out of the PR firm that represents them) says they're from New Jersey:


Yes, anyone who is a fantastic musician deserves to be heard. However, this is a contest and there are very clear rules. A majority of your band has to be able to prove residency in the borough in which you're competing. It's unfair to artists like you, who are actually from NYC and following the rules to have to compete with artists who are not following the rules, who clearly have teams behind them pushing their bands, and who clearly are using this contest as another part of their marketing strategy.

Likewise, it's unfair to any of the bands from NYC, also following the rules, who in good faith submitted material to this contest only to be denied a slot because it was given to some band from Jersey.

Jan. 13 2015 09:26 AM
Octavia Butts

Hey Jodie, when's last call at the whine bar??

Jan. 13 2015 12:32 AM
Sandra Phluberg

Yeah, Ellen! Take your tampon out!

Jan. 13 2015 12:29 AM
Ben Dover

Dearest Ellen, your tone sounds like that of an angel who fell from heaven. It would be my pleasure to love onto you until the end of days, or until I throw myself into traffic from listening to you speak.

Jan. 12 2015 11:49 PM
Jack Spann from Astoria

Well, I just want to say I'm thrilled to be invited to play. I don't have a record company, management, or any connections to speak of, but I am out playing a lot, and recording whenever I can, I got some good bandmates, and I'm really looking forward to the challenge. I and my bandmates want to wish everybody else in the contest mucho primo good luck, may the best woman or man or group win! it's scary to compete at any level, and music is such a subjective thing, it's not really a competitive sport, but more of an art. Who can truly judge us?

To Charlie, maybe Super Movies was originally from Montclaire, but then moved to Manhattan, I don't know them but I'm giving WNYC the benefit of the doubt for now. To Herbie, I'm not claiming to be great, all I'm doing is writing songs and putting them out there, if you get a chance, please give me a listen at jackspann.com but peace be upon you, and everybody, see ya soon! Jack Spann!

Jan. 12 2015 11:12 PM

Holy crap take the tampon out and stop complaining people. Maybe the other bands didn't submit, or maybe the people who picked the line up didn't feel like hearing the same stuff over and over. If you have such an issue with the bands on the line up, then do something about it. Start a damn band and do something better.

Jan. 12 2015 09:43 PM

Hey guys, congratulations to those selected. However, I couldn't help but notice that some of these bands are not only not from NYC but are professionally represented - both conditions that, according to the contest rules, would render them ineligible for this competition. For instance, the band Super Movies, who won a slot to compete in Manhattan are actually from Montclair, New Jersey and are represented by AP Music Group LLC (scroll down):


In fact, they list the AP Music Group affiliation on their site:


Just wondering, has WNYC verified that all bands are compliant with the contest rules? It would be really unfair if an equally fantastic band actually from NYC (able to prove residency) lost a slot because a Jersey or Westchester band was cheating.

Jan. 12 2015 04:25 PM
Herbie Vermillion

Hey, did you just insult me? It Seemed like that could have also been a compliment, so I figured I'd play it safe and ask.

Jan. 12 2015 03:10 PM
Jodie Carlson from Queens, baby

Ha ha, sounds like all the sore losers are out already. Whine bar is open. As far as the guy who said the bands from the other boroughs aren't any good, you've proven once again that old saying, a sharp tongue indicates a dull mind.

Jan. 12 2015 03:02 PM

No, guys - the rules state that the previous year's winners can't compete, which would exclude Leila Hegazy. The other acts I mentioned are all still eligible.

I don't even know who submitted or not; all I know is that the selection of bands that are representing Staten Island is really, truly awful. It's a mockery of the borough and destroys any credibility this Battle had.

An absolute travesty!

Jan. 12 2015 02:27 PM

I think most of the acts you've listed have competed in previous years. Maybe that could be a reason why they weren't selected once again?

Jan. 12 2015 02:06 PM
Herbie Vermillion

Ellen, Be fair! The bands from the other boroughs aren't very good either.

Jan. 12 2015 01:40 PM

Wait a minute, THOSE are the Staten Island submissions?! Do you guys even care about the borough?

Cat Myles won the 2014 SI Advance Reader's Poll as Best Artist, beating out INGRID MICHAELSON of all people, and she wasn't selected?

What about the Rising Sun All Stars? Canvass Radio? Jessie Kuffner? Tom Cintula?

You guys really don't understand music on Staten Island at all if THIS is your selection. This isn't a battle of the boroughs - it's a battle of the boroughs you care about, which obviously is NOT Staten Island.

Jan. 12 2015 12:29 PM

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