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How I Got Over: Actress Kristin Davis on Interracial Adoption

Watch Live November 18 at 7pm ET

Friday, November 18, 2016

(Russell James)

Interracial adoption has seen a steep visible increase in America over the past decade, particularly in Hollywood. Some of the most visible adoptive parents are white women actresses, many of whom are choosing to become single mothers later in their lives amid successful careers – among them Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Madonna, and Kristin Davis.

Davis, whose daughter is four, joins us to talk about the challenges of being a public figure who is also a white parent raising a black daughter in the current racial climates – and the deep significance of getting the language right when talking with her about race, identity and blackness. Hosted by author, cultural critic, and WNYC’s producer for special projects on race Rebecca Carroll.  

How I Got Over

This event is part of new project reinventing language around race through a series of conversations and performances that explore, express and examine what it means when a social construct becomes the social order. We want people to get personal. We want provocative dialogue. We want to generate new language to execute real change. We want to talk about fear – and how it’s different if you are black or white. We want to hear people explore racism.

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Kristin Davis

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