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The New York Times Podcast Club, IRL: 'The Nod'

Monday, October 23, 2017

Eric Eddings, co-host of 'The Nod' podcast (Screenshot)

Podcast obsessives, take a break from your earbuds to attend a live meetup of The New York Times Podcast Club, a weekly geekout over the best in on-demand audio. We’ll listen to a buzzed-about episode, then hear the episode’s creators discuss the ins and outs of how it was made with The New York Times editorial director of audio Samantha Henig.

Why does purple taste so good? In this edition, we’ll talk with Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings, hosts of The Nod, and executive producer Sarah Abdurrahman about how the grape flavor came to have sentimental significance for Black Americans. Come prepared to talk about the episode “I Want That Purple Stuff.”


Sarah Abdurrahman, Eric Eddings and Brittany Luse

Hosted by:

Samantha Henig


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