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Note to Self and ProPublica: Breaking the Black Box

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

(John Hersey)

Algorithms are everywhere, sifting through information to determine the curated news we read, the prices we pay for goods and services, and even which people are most compatible for us to date. But often we don’t know how, exactly, machines are making these decisions.

WNYC's Manoush Zomorodi joins forces with ProPublica to talk about their recent investigation, "Breaking the Black Box," and launch Note to Self's own latest project: “The Privacy Paradox,” a five-part podcast and audience engagement series designed to take the mystery out of digital privacy.

Hear about how to protect your personal data, the hidden biases in algorithms, and ways we can peek inside black boxes and hold actual people accountable. With ProPublica senior reporter Julia Angwinentrepreneur and writer Anil Dash and Microsoft researcher Solon Barocas.

Watch the entire show:


Julia Angwin, Solon Barocas and Anil Dash

Hosted by:

Manoush Zomorodi


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