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1940: Seven Guitars | Directed by Stephen McKinley Henderson

Friday, April 24, 2015

(Stephanie Black)

Set in 1948, Seven Guitars tells the story of a blues singer who is just released from prison and is ready to right the past year's wrongs and return to Chicago with a new understanding of what's important in his life. Unfortunately his means of righting wrongs are inherently flawed. Directed by Stephen McKinley Henderson.



LOUISE.................Brenda Pressley

CANEWELL.............Ruben Santiago-Hudson

RED CARTER...........Stephen McKinley Henderson

VERA....................Aunjanue Ellis

HEDLEY.................Lou Ferguson

FLOYD BARTON.......Jerome Preston Bates

RUBY...................Cassandra Freeman

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Stephanie Black

Jerome Preston Bates and Ruben Santiago-Hudson going over lines for Seven Guitars backstage.

Stephanie Black

On stage, one of the actors' marked up scripts for August Wilson's Seven Guitars.

Stephanie Black

Hollis King, set designer for August Wilson's American Century Cycle, and guests take a look at a timeline of milestones in Wilson's life and African-American history.

Stephanie Black

The cast of The Greene Space's production of August Wilson's Seven Guitars with Executive Producer Indira Etwaroo.

Stephanie Black

Ruben Santiago-Hudson reading as Canewell in Seven Guitars, the role for which he won a Tony Award in 1996.

Stephanie Black

Jerome Preston Bates as Floyd Barton in August Wilson's Seven Guitars.

Stephanie Black

Aunjanue Ellis as Vera in Seven Guitars.

Stephanie Black

Brenda Pressley as Louise.

Stephanie Black

Brenda Pressley, Lou Ferguson and Cassandra Freeman recording August Wilson's Seven Guitars live in The Greene Space.

Stephanie Black
Stephanie Black

Stephen McKinley Henderson as Red Carter.

Stephanie Black

The harmonica playing Canewell, played by Ruben Santiago-Hudson.

Stephanie Black

Lou Ferguson as Hedley.

Stephanie Black

Cassandra Freeman

Stephanie Black

Aunjanue Ellis as Vera.

Stephanie Black
August Wilson's American Century Cycle

The artistic directors of August Wilson's American Century Cycle, side-by-side performing in Seven Guitars: Stephen McKinley Henderson and Ruben Santiago-Hudson.

Stephanie Black

Jerome Preston Bates as Floyd Barton.

Matthew Septimus
Matthew Septimus

A standing ovation for the cast of August Wilson's Seven Guitars.


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