Radiolab Presents More Perfect Live: The First Amendment in the Digital Age

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

(Radiolab's More Perfect)

Should you be able to say and do whatever you want online? And if not, who should police this?

Jad Abumrad of Radiolab and More Perfect hosted a debate about online hate speech, fake news and whether the First Amendment needs an update for the digital age.

He was joined live at The Greene Space at WNYC by Corynne McSherry, legal director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation; Elie Mystal, managing editor at Above the Law and contributing legal editor at More Perfect; and Ken White, a First Amendment litigator and criminal defense attorney at Brown White & Osborn LLP in Los Angeles who also runs the free speech and criminal justice blog, where he often coordinates pro bono defense for First Amendment cases.  

NOTE: Because of the topic for the night, this discussion will include disturbing images and language, such as religious, ethnic and gender slurs and profanity. We are preserving this content so that our audience can understand the nature of this speech.


Corynne McSherry, Elie Mystal and Ken White

Hosted by:

Jad Abumrad


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Comments [3]

Squirel Killer from Iowa

The idea that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc... can afford to pay people to moderate comments is deeply ignorant of the scale of the task.

Sep. 06 2017 11:45 PM
ertdfg from Colorado

Ideas can be true or false?
What is the correct religion? We'll ban ALL the other ones, because we found the person who knows which ideas are correct and which ones are false.

What? Offensive and bigoted? No!
We KNOW the ideas that are true or false; only ONE religion can be accurate; the others must be false.
Why not ban all the false ones?

Gay marriage 30 years ago? False. Now? True.
So you MUST have the correct changing view in a changing world; and be punished for ever having had the wrong view; even plausibly at a time when the answer was in flux?

When the answer is "True" in California and "False" in Nebraska, are both states correct for arresting people who dissent with the "True" view?
Oh, only your standard should matter?
Sorry, the people in California or Nebraska think their standard is all that should matter... I think they shouldn't arrest people for having the "wrong" view.
Which is clearly the "wrong" view somewhere.

I'm glad it's not the "wrong" standard here.

Sep. 06 2017 08:43 PM
Scott Jacobs from Texas

Why is Karl Rove on stage?

Sep. 06 2017 07:14 PM

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