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Video: How to Be a Grown Ass Woman

Friday, June 05, 2015

Being grown doesn't come easy. So we asked comedian Sara Schaefer to gather some grown ass women to share the lessons they've learned on how step it up in life as part of WNYC's two-day festival, Werk It! How to Be a Grown Ass Podcaster

Schaefer was joined live on our stage on Thursday, June 4 by Heather Havrilesky of Ask PollyJessica Williams of The Daily Show and Katja Blichfield, of the hit web series High MaintenanceThey shared personal stories of when they realized they were all grown up and dropped a host of knowledge bombs on us (First rule of being a grown ass woman? Burn down your life.)

Watch the entire conversation below:
Note: This video contains explicit language


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