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Video: Micropolis Live - Off Whiteness

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How can white people be allies to people of color, and why is it so important for all of us – across ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality  to participate in conversations about race?

We wrapped our Micropolis Live series on race and culture on Tues, June 16 by considering what whiteness means, discussing cultural appropriation versus appreciation, Rachel Dolezol, white privilege and how whites in America can move beyond guilt and become allies in the cause.

Host Arun Venugopal spoke with Whitney Dow of the Whiteness Project; diversity and leadership consultant Vernā Myers, Esq., whose TED Talk encouraged the audience to "walk toward your discomfort"; Hot 97's Rosenbergand Michael Skolnik, civil rights organizer and president of news GlobalGrind.com

Watch the entire conversation below:
Note: this video contains explicit language


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