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Watch: Current's 'The Pub' Live

Watch live May 18 at 5:30 pm ET

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Adam Ragusea of 'The Pub' Podcast (Photo by Laura Fong courtesy of Mercer University)

If you're a public broadcasting nerd, join us for a live taping of The Pub, the weekly podcast from Current, public media's trade publication.

Hosted by Mercer University journalism professor and public radio expat Adam Ragusea, The Pub is an unabashedly geeky and irreverent mix of commentary and interviews that capture how public media people talk about work after work — perhaps after they've had a few drinks. 

In this edition, sound designers Alex Overington of Q2 Music's Peabody Award-winning podcast Meet the Composer and Jonathan Mitchell of Radiotopia's The Truth reveal where the bloops and bleeps come from — how they fabricate the digital squeaks, scrapes and slurps that pervade today's cutting-edge narrative audio. Also, audience members will play a game Ragusea is calling "Auto-Tune the Radio," in which contestants will have to identify famous public radio voices that he has subjected to rather undignified digital processing. 




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