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Their Eyes Were Watching God

The Greene Space honored the 75th Anniversary of Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God. It has been a month-long multiplatform journey of beauty; strength; and complexity--all connecting to that which is most exquisite and wise in all of us. Take a moment and flip through the chapters of our story. I hope you leave as moved as we have been.

Chapter One
Launching the Project with a conversation with Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Indira Etwaroo, Arthur Yorinks and Terrance McKnight

 Chapter Two
 "You got to go there to know there"-Zora Neale Hurston, so The Greene Space Team Travels to Eatonville, Florida 


    Chapter Three
   An American Saga: The Story of Eatonville


  Chapter Four
I, Too, Sing America: The Un-Sung Collaboration Between Langston and Zora with award-winning WQXR host, Terrance McKnight;pianist, Randy Weston Scholar and Curator, Marc Primus,pianist and vocalist, Maritri Garrett and more…


   Chapter Five
   American Premiere of Their Eyes Were Watching God: A Radio Drama with Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Phylicia Rashad, Leslie Uggams, Roslyn Ruff, Brandon Dirden and more…


Chapter Six

Women Writers on the Horizon: A Conversation with Alice Walker, Ruby Dee, Sonia Sanchez and Lucy Anne Hurston


Chapter Seven


When I consider how my life is spent, I am content.
That I have not reached the goal of my ambition, does not grieve me;
Have I not laughed and wept? Loved and hated?
Laughed with the innocence of youth with the dew of the morning,
With the spring of the year, the bloom of summer, the glory of autumn-
And when bleak winter spread melancholy ‘round, I have smiled-
Icy winds can not touch a sunny heart.
I have wept bitterly when my faith has been shattered, and sadly at the passing of a friend.
Very truly and purely have I loved. With the exalted soul of the idealist.
And the fire of the ardent mortal, and hated with a strong man’s hate.
In short, I have been altogether human.
And yet, I have not found delight in another’s failings,
Nor lost my faith in the earth-born. 
Whether I shall ever reach the distant hills of fame and glory,
I do not know; but, I have kept my eyes toward their shining crests,
Winds and men, and oft at nightfall, murmured to the evening star,
As she stood flaming sentinel in the sky, so I have lived.
For great love, soul strengthening tears, and the touch of God’s creations,
Make up the sum of a life.