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Joeonna Bellorado-Samuels


Untitled 2008, Digital C-Print, 30x35”.
Untitled 2008, Digital C-Print, 42x72”.
Untitled2008, Digital C-Print, 30x45”
Untitled [for physical display] 2008, Digital C-Print, 30x35”.

Artist Statement
Anonymous consists of photographic prints. The pieces are meant to function individually or within subset suites. The sequencing and placement of the images within the exhibition space are intended to create a re-fictionalization of the original reference without building a fixed narrative structure.

In Anonymous, I am considering the notion of hyperreality, both in the way the original source material addresses the real and how my own decontextualization of its images inverts those very notions. I am also interested in how repetitious imagery is tied to a belief in the concrete and binary nature of these images, resulting in the limited ability to question. My work explores the interconnectedness between systematized imagery in its voyeuristic and authoritarian pleasures. I am subsequently interested in rituals of punishment and domination in the mechanisms of race and class based criminalization. All of which articulate themselves as signifiers in the reading of the images.

My work is invested in a theoretical exploration of the ideologies behind issues of distraction, fetishism and unconscious processing of images of violence. I hope my images force a revaluation of the way violent images function. However, I am also interested in the sociological underpinnings of such images and how the issues of race, gender and power are navigated throughout.

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