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Amir Bey


A.M.E. Man A.M.E. Man (African Methodist Episcopal Man) 2002. Etched and textured copper foil on plywood, 15x12" $1,000
General Funkeshoe Returns to the Club General Funkeshoe Returns to the Club 2004. Etched and textured copper foil on cedar, 12x12". Part of an autobiographical series, The Memoirs of General Funkeshoe. $500
In the 12th House In the 12th House 1999. Etched and textured copper foil, brass disks on plywood, 16x16". $700
Urban Armor Urban Armor [for physical display] 1983. Acrylic, bronze, the artist's hair, cherry seeds, chicken wire, subway token, on guitar back, 18x13". $1,600

Artist Statement
Much of my work involves the face. The face’s universality makes it a direct artistic vehicle that can express every emotion, as it projects and protects identity. I create masks of etched copper foil, acrylic on canvas and aluminum screen mesh, life casts, and carvings that are combined in installations with silkscreen on fabric that are also used in performances. Any material, media, color combinations and sites offer limitless possibilities. Two favorites are mobiles of etched copper foil faces that give an iridescent intrigue, and fabrics that have been silkscreened, then twisted and hung, creating surprising designs and costumes. Musical instruments made of these mobile masks (called “Music Masks”) are hung from ceilings along with the fabrics respond to wind currents, causing attached bells to ring. Color, sound, texture and movement are woven into my installations. Much of this concept comes to life in my collaborations with performers, particularly in the ensemble work of SYNERGY Sight and Sound, a collaborative project with the alto saxophonist and composer, Saco Yasuma; and recently in a collaborative series with dancers, musicians and an installation of my Hot Flash Dancers that was held at The Living Theater.

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