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Paul Jansen


#3 Untitled 2005, Oil on canvas, 48x68”. $7400
#8 Untitled 2004, Oil on canvas, 48x72”. $7200
#9 Sunstroke 2005, Oil on canvas, 48x72”. $7800

Artist Statement
Throughout Paul’s career as a painter he looked to achieve the expression of universal unconscious meaning through conscious works. In the 60’s while in art school Paul was greatly influenced by both traditional and contemporary artists Franz Kline, Willem de Kooning, Frank Stella, and Albert Durer as well as the writings of Carl Jung. This inspired a series of abstract expressionist two dimensional flat geometric paintings. Through the 70’s the flat geometrics took a more fluid movement and a three dimensional form with expressionist brush strokes. The 80’s culminated with representational forms on various shaped canvases and hospital stretchers to illustrate the contradictions within the materials and images reflecting the current times. But in the 90’s Paul found he needed to return to the original abstract expressionism from his early career and combined it with a representational form. This took shape into oval egg like objects with three-dimensional character and texture captured inside cell-like boxes.

Within the last two years, with a lung cancer diagnosis, Paul found the unconscious representation had matured into three-dimensional abstract expressionist work. This came from the emotional journey that comes from dealing with cancer and its debilitating treatment, bringing his process and work to new depths never experienced before. In an interview on his later works, Paul says that he saw these works as a culmination of anger and frustration that comes to the surface as illustrated in the chaotic scene on the canvas, where the image was further developed with cross hatching, highlights and brilliant color. He believed it was more a cartoonist abstract expressionist movement bringing together all of his previous techniques from past series to be more present and modern.

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