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Chanel Kennebrew


Best of '08 2009, Photo-illustration printed on canvas, 20x16" . $1000
Everyday People 2009, Photo-illustration printed on canvas, 16x24" . $1000
Kill 'Em 2009, Photo-illustration printed on canvas, 16x20". $1000

Artist Statement
About a year ago I was working for a design firm and the company decided to split. Instead of going with one partner or another, I decided to work freelance and use my free time to make whatever I felt like making. I found myself revisiting some of the topics that I was exploring while in University. While I was in school I did a series of 12 large prints called Good Housekeeping for the New Negro Woman. It was a surface exploration of race and gender in the media. It's been interesting to revisit those topics after having a bit of professional experience in the media industry and dealing with the fact in the mainstream media doesn't represent the actual populous, it represents the 'ideal' populous.

I'm attempting to balance out the playing field and approach social matters from a varied perspective so if that falls into 'anti-racism' or 'art activism' then so it goes, but one thing I try to stress in the work, is that discrimination based strictly of being unfamiliar is harmful to communities as a whole and the results can be absurd to just sad. The specific topics are just tip. The core of the problem is lack of understanding. As simple as that sounds that lack of understanding affects the victim and the oppressor and causes strange spin offs such as over compensation by power holders and self-segregated communities build strictly on visual appearance. I rarely come to conclusions in my work, I'm just presenting my audience with some healthy options.

I generally take the approach of an advertiser or propaganda artist when creating work, by using bold typography, illustration, photography and discarded familiar imagery to recompose a situation or event. My use of playful compositions and bold colors act as a catalyst for deeper socially rooted concerns.

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