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Ann Marie McDonnell

(Staten Island)

Jazz Idols: Homage to Louis Armstrong, Dizzie Gillespie and Roy Eldridge 2009, Solar and collagraph print, 17 ¼x10”. $980
Jazz Idols: Strange Fruit Billie Holiday 2009, Solar print, 20x16” . $980
Jazz Idols: Homage to Miles Davis 2009, Solar and collagraph, print, 17 ¼x10”. $840

Artist Statement
I am a both a sculptor and a printmaker. My work is often project based which means that I work within a theme or project. I am presently working on two projects. The exhibition this May at the AES Gallery in Long Island City will be an exploration of the relationship between my two dimensional work as a printmaker and my three dimensional work as a sculptor. I often show them together, as one medium informs and influences the other.

The exhibition in the fall is called the Moment of Knowing which is taken from a title of a piece that I did for an AIDS show many years ago. For a person who did not have the disease who was exhibiting with people who did have the disease, the Moment of Knowing was the dividing line between us. In a further exploration of the idea, I have asked people that I know to write a paragraph about a moment of knowing that they are willing to share. It could be a life-altering moment or a simple meditation of a quiet and almost imperceptible moment. I am creating sculptures and prints that will accompany the written project. A book of the moments of knowing that I have collected will be in the space as well as a desk for those to continue to participate. I often revisit projects, ideas and individual art works.

My inspiration comes from all sources: personal, political, music, museums, radio and the streets. My engagement in the world as an artist is important to me.

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