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Martha Trivizas

(Staten Island)

desiDesi & the neighborhood 2005, Still from video (Maya, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator) on paper, 8.5x11". Not for sale
DESI, the crowd, the stars 2005, Still from video (Maya, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator) on paper, 8.5x11". Not for sale
desi's first painted portrait 2008, Acrylic & graphite, 6x11". Not for sale

Artist Statement
desi/DESI, and can be written in either the lower case or upper case. Lower case desi is a semi acronym which translates into de Staten Island. Upper case DESI is a full-fledged acronym which stands for:


DATABASE: This database would be a method of organizing and transforming all I thought relevant and localize it making for speedy access. All the sources for possible desiDESI scenarios would be available at a glance, easy to mix and match. Imagine having a thought and quote collection on a CD disk. desiDESI, however was created because the database system of organization and information management wasn't the direction I wanted to go.

EXTERNALIZATION OF THE THOUGHT PROCESS: Creating desiDesi would be the externalizing character, merging the tradition of figurative painting and contemporary media.

SUPER MODEL AVATAR: A super model is desirable, so people will stop for at least a moment to hear what she has to say (or just stop to look at her). There are many things one can do with a super model as she has the potential to be culturally fertile; In the cultural environment, we seek out culturally fertile bodies.

INTERACTIVITY: If desiDESI were to become a cultural entity then she would be in a position to meet all different types of characters, copulate and perhaps reproduce more culture. I hope it will be a character that takes on a life of its own but that trajectory is unpredictable.

desi emerged as a diegetic figure, a guide to reacting to DESI. However, her role evolved from that of sidekick to that of costar.

The last character component for interaction is the crowd. As populations have increased so have housing developments. In these houses of equal opportunity, sleep the citizenry. Loving families leave early in the mornings, disperse and become the student body, bureaucracy, unions, minions, capitalists, consumers, environmentalists, tourists, etc...