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Dennis Redmoon Darkeem | “Protect Your Neck 2020”

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In this series of self-portraits, entitled “Protect your Neck (2020),” artist Dennis Redmoon Darkeem presents hooded figures with feathers, rattles, stones, sage, and sweetgrass in his mouth—objects associated with spiritual ceremonies and customs—exploring the silencing effects of trauma and the power in reclaiming spirituality.

— Dennis RedMoon Darkeem


Dennis RedMoon Darkeem (Wind clan, Yamasee Creek -Seminole) merges traditional indigenous art aesthetics with pop-contemporary imagery to contemplate issues of anti-blackness in Indigenous representations.

As a mixed-blood Native American and African American artist living in the south Bronx, I have found a voice in my community. I enjoy using my art to bring my community together. 

Learn more about Dennis’s work here.

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