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Piehole Presents: “Christmas Mountain”

A Multimedia Holiday Story

December, 15 - December, 21
In-person event


Come enjoy Piehole’s Christmas Mountain—an interactive holiday story that rolls out daily from Dec 1–21 in an “advent calendar” window display featuring animatronics, embedded videos, and original music on a handcrafted diorama. Every day at sunset a new episode premieres. Scan the QR code on the window to bring the mountain to life and watch previously aired episodes!

WNYC host Brian Lehrer narrates the story that takes place in a snowy hamlet populated by mice at the base of Christmas Mountain, which is topped by an antenna that funnels signals from the “Christmas-sphere” into the town and onto the mice’s TVs. This year, the signal is on the fritz, and one grumpy mouse–the story’s hero–must descend to the center of the mountain to fix it so that the town can fulfill their beloved pastime of watching TV on the Winter Solstice. The clock is ticking! Along the way, our plucky hero encounters adventure at every turn, including a visit to a magical costume shop, a ride with a benevolent bus full of nuns, and broadcasts from an alternate Crust-mas dimension.

Enjoy this beautiful work of over 20 artists from different disciplines, backgrounds and aesthetics, who convey the delightful, layered, incongruous, kitschy, profound and fraught aspects of this seemingly monolithic holiday.


Credit: Photo provided by Artist

Piehole (Jerome Finalist 2021) is an NYC live arts collective driven by an ongoing pursuit of surprise, delight and beauty in unexpected places. Since 2008, Piehole has produced boundary-pushing live art for theaters, galleries, and digital spaces, including collaborations with the LA-based Tender Claws in AR and VR: Tendar (Sundance 2018) and The Under Presents (Oculus, Sundance 2019, Emmy Finalist). Piehole’s latest work Disclaimer (Drama League Award Nominee, NYC Women’s Fund) premiered at The Public’s Under the Radar 2021. Piehole’s core group: Tara Ahmadinejad, Alexandra Panzer, Emilie Soffe, Ben Vigus, and Jeff Wood. To learn more about Piehole, visit pieholed.com.

Event Details

Tickets are FREE

The Greene Space
44 Charlton St
New York , NY 10014 United States

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