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The NEXT New York Conversation: Stop and Frisk

Monday May 2 2011 • 7:00pm - 7:00pm ET
In-person event


Panelists included:
  • David Kennedy – director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City.
  • Paul Butler – former public prosecutor and Professor of Law at George Washington University. 12 Angry Men contributor.  Professor Butler is one of the nation’s most frequently consulted scholars on issues of race and criminal justice.
  • Robin Steinberg – Founder and Executive Director of the Bronx Defenders
  • Peter Gleason – lifelong New Yorker, progressive activist, lawyer, retired FDNY firefighter, former NYPD Police Officer
  • Heather Mac Donald – Manhattan Institute. Mac Donald’s work at City Journal has canvassed a range of topics including homeland security, immigration, policing and “racial” profiling, homelessness and homeless advocacy, educational policy, the New York courts, and business improvement districts. 
  •  Bob Hennelly – WNYC Newsroom 

Host, Jami Floyd, addresses the issues by referencing a quote from the book 12 Angry Men (The New Press, 2010), and Paul Butler discusses the distinction between stop and frisk and racial profiling:

Heather Mac Donald explains why she believes stop and frisk tactics are crucial to effective policing:

Robin Steinberg shares the perspective of the many community members her office sees:

An audience member shares his personal feelings on Stop and Frisk policy:

For more discussion on Stop and Frisk please check out past WNYC coverage:

Event Details

The Greene Space
44 Charlton Street
New York , NY United States

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