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The NEXT New York Conversation: Stop and Frisk

Monday, May 2, 2011

7:00 PM

Even as violent crime rates in New York have dropped dramatically in the past 15 years, this controversial police procedure continues to divide law enforcement and community groups. Is "stop-and-frisk" an effective preemptive strategy for crime prevention or a case of racial profiling? The Greene Space partnered with The New Press to present panelists on multiple sides of the issue in a candid conversation about how "stop-and-frisk" affects New Yorkers in their everyday lives.

Panelists included:

Host, Jami Floyd, addresses the issues by referencing a quote from the book 12 Angry Men (The New Press, 2010), and Paul Butler discusses the distinction between stop and frisk and racial profiling:

Heather Mac Donald explains why she believes stop and frisk tactics are crucial to effective policing:

Robin Steinberg shares the perspective of the many community members her office sees:

An audience member shares his personal feelings on Stop and Frisk policy:

For more discussion on Stop and Frisk please check out past WNYC coverage:

The NEXT New York Conversation is made possible in part by a generous grant from MetLife Foundation.


Paul Butler, Bob Hennelly, David M. Kennedy, Heather Mac Donald, Garry McCarthy and Robin Steinberg

Hosted by:

Jami Floyd