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Guster (Zoe Ruth Erwin)

Soundcheck Live: A Denser, Dancier Guster

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2:00 PM

SOLD OUT: Tune in for a Livestream of this Soundcheck Live session Wednesday at 2pm.

Since Guster formed over bongos and acoustic guitars at Tufts University in 1991, the band’s commitment to earnest pop and road warrior work ethic has earned it a reputation as a solidly consistent touring act and a reliable purveyor of tautly constructed tunes.

Watch live Wednesday at 2pm:


But that consistency over six albums and 23 years was starting to become something of a liability. After 2010’s widely praised Easy Wonderful, the members found themselves restless for something that actively broke the Guster mold. The group began to toy with its process: instead of hunkering down in one place, sessions were aerated with long breaks between short bursts of profound activity. The band traveled to Oregon to record with multi-instrumentalist and producer Richard Swift, and they left the West Coast a scant three weeks later with a new Guster album.

The result, 2015’s Evermotion, is a document of a thoroughly reinvigorated band. Join Soundcheck in welcoming a subtler, denser, dancier Guster to The Greene Space for a special live session. We’ll be live-streaming video and recording for an upcoming Soundcheck podcast.

Soundcheck’s Pop Up Sessions offer the chance to see and hear notable artists and bands in a short, informal setting, playing songs and talking with Soundcheck host John Schaefer. Perfect for a quick mid-afternoon break, they’re under an hour long and are streamed live at www.soundcheck.org.