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(House Party)

Hip Hop Goes to Hollywood

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

7:00 PM

At first look, the 1990 movie "House Party" seems a simple teen comedy with a standard plot: two friends throw a huge party when their parents go on vacation. But the now-iconic film starring rap duo Kid 'N Play proved much more than that - it introduced hip hop to mainstream audiences and established the genre as a commercially and artistically successful source of stories and characters.

As the movie celebrates its 25th anniversary, join us as three veteran artists discuss hip hop's journey to acceptance by Hollywood: hip hop pioneer and former "Yo! MTV Raps" host Fab 5 Freddy, director, screenwriter and producer Darnell Martin (Cadillac Records), and Bill Stephney, best known for his successful marketing of the political rap group Public Enemy. The conversation will be moderated by Warrington Hudlin, the producer of "House Party" and Vice Chairman of the Museum of the Moving Image.

Watch live at 7pm: