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The Takeaway Presents: Every Vote Counts

The Takeaway Presents: Every Vote Counts


Join The Takeaway’s Amy Walter as she sits with top election officials in several swing states to discuss how they’re working to ensure a safe and secure election during this unprecedented time. COVID-19 has had an immeasurable effect on politics, not just in terms of policy, but in ways that go to the core of how our Democracy functions: voting. Since March, we’ve watched as election officials across the country have struggled to meet this moment. Social distancing had led to a surge of mail-in ballots. and in person-voting has seen as shortage of poll workers, leading to shuttered polling locations, long lines, and confusion.

Now, state election officials are working to implement solutions to shore up the voting process for the general election. They’re working to prepare the American people for a slower vote count which means we might not know the results on election night. All while President Donald Trump continues to stoke conspiracy theories and baseless claims that mail-in voting is rampant with fraud.

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