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The Rat Race: An Audio Play

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kanin Festival: The Rat Race The Greene Space presents an audio adaptation of Garson Kanin's classic Broadway play, "The Rat Race." (Theodora Kuslan)

The Greene Space and Yorinks Theater Group presented a two-day festival celebrating the life and work of a master American storyteller: Garson Kanin.

The festival featured the world premiere of the audio theater adaptation of Kanin's classic Broadway play, The Rat Race. The Yorinks Theater Group took this timeless New York City story and - for the first time ever - adapted it into a work not only for radio, but for radio's live audience in our multi-platform venue.

The Rat Race

World premiere of the only audio adaptation of Kanin’s Broadway play
Adapted with rare permission from the Kanin Estate by Arthur Yorinks
Original jazz score by Rick Wald


John Rubinstein
Jennifer Van Dyck
Kieran Campion
Jenny Langsam
Rocco Sisto
Michael Connor
Kevin Cristaldi
Richard Ferrone
Marcell Rosenblatt

Original music composed by Rick Wald


Rick Wald
Joe Randazzo
Lou Marini
Bill Washer
Chip Jackson
Ben Healy

Adapted and directed by Arthur Yorinks

The Kanin Festival was made possible through the generous support of the Sidney E. Frank Foundation


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