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Battle of the Boroughs: Brooklyn | Vote

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Due to technical difficulties, voting has been extended until Friday, March 12 at 11:59 pm EST. The selected Brooklyn Representative to battle it out in the ultimate-all-borough-battle will be announced on Monday, March 15 at 4 pm.

Jean Rohe Band | Vote »

Jean Rohe Band | Vote »

neoLit Ensemble | Vote »

neoLit Ensemble | Vote »

My Cousin, The Emperor| Vote »

My Cousin, The Emperor | Vote »

Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe Band | Vote »

Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe Band | Vote »



If you missed the show, check out all the performances below!

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Comments [30]

Saintanne from Minnesota

Nathalie, Bonne Chance!

Throwdown Flutronix, YOU ARE THE FUTURE!

Mar. 12 2010 06:39 PM
Rabertaaaaa from Park Slope

My Cousin, the Emperor

brilliant sound, skill and music!!!

my vote is best left to them!

My Cousin, the Emperor

Mar. 11 2010 06:33 PM

blakbushe has my vote.

Mar. 11 2010 02:18 PM

I disagree with the gypsy-ties being associated with Jean Rohe Band. To me, they are an eclectic mix of worlds that truly represents Brooklyn's booming melting-pot community. Their versatility to appeal to all types of crowds is unmatched by any other band in the running. When you listen to them you can hear the influences of folk, the vibrant beats of Latin America and the soulful core of all-American jazz. It's really great that so many people enjoyed them!

Mar. 11 2010 01:40 PM
Jenn from Brooklyn

To Steve,

riiight, because there has never been a pseudo-gypsy band with a quirky female singer out of Brooklyn....clearly you don't get out much....

Mar. 10 2010 10:10 PM
Steve from Brooklyn

To all the cousin ray voters, Jean Rohe out sang them hands down. In fact I can't even hear the words in cousin ray.
Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe Band has been done many times it's just funky blues. The bass player and singer are good but, the lyrics are a bit recycled. It lacks the unique raw talent of JRB.

Mar. 10 2010 06:29 PM
Cyndi from Denver

How to pick only one - they all deserve to
win! - My Cousin the Emperor because of
the wonderful blend of lyrics and
music - good sound!

Mar. 10 2010 06:23 PM

Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe Band! Just the opening itself, makes them SO much more powerful than any of the others. Go blaKbüshe Band!

Mar. 10 2010 10:50 AM
Chris from Hell's Kitchen

I really enjoyed neoLIT, but my vote went to My Cousin, the Emperor. They really have something.

Mar. 09 2010 11:36 PM
John from Brooklyn

I like Flutronix because they are totally different and unexpected. They're playing flutes and it sounds cool. Plus, they've got a unique look to accompany their sound, everything about them represents the melting pot of Brooklyn.

Mar. 09 2010 06:21 PM

I voted for neoLIT ensemble! They cool and talented! Nice music for my ears.

Mar. 09 2010 04:54 PM
Sam from New York

neoLIT ensemble was awesome! really talented musicians, great choice of the music and looked nice. my vote goes to the ladies!

Mar. 09 2010 04:02 PM
Lenir Drake from New York

neoLit is the eternal Brooklyn - great ensemble!

Mar. 09 2010 03:41 PM
tatiana putilina from Paris

neoLit RULES!!!!!!

Mar. 09 2010 07:33 AM
Marie Vander' from Brooklyn

The blaKbüshe Band represents very well Brooklyn. It's a very great band !! I like the changing in the rythm.
I'm so sorry for the Sky White Tiger who deserved to be nominated.
Good luck Brooklyn !!

Mar. 08 2010 09:34 PM

My Cousin, The Emperor is just such a great band, they really deserve to represent Brooklyn. No frills, no pretense, just 100% honest music coming from guys whose instruments are part of their body. They really know how to create good music.

Mar. 08 2010 06:08 PM
Paul from Brooklyn

Brooklyn is amazingly talentful. Why doesn't WNYC produce a Brooklyn's diversivity award record ? I voted for the Blakbüshe Band - Shelley Nicole's powerful voice could send the space shuttle beyond the moon - but I realy feel guilty to ban the vote the others deserve.

Mar. 08 2010 05:42 PM
c.Love from Brooklyn

LOVE the blaKbushe! amazing synergy and sound, plus, so much power in one little yellow dress.

Mar. 08 2010 04:19 PM
Noelle Jensen

Jean Rohe Band is amazing! They sound wonderful and they have some really interesting instruments!

Mar. 08 2010 03:55 PM
Hanifah Walidah from Brooklyn

What a pleasure to see such a cross section of folks representing Brooklyn. I'm really appreciating this contest that it doesn't sway hard towards one genre over others. But I did vote for Blakbushe. their sound was robustiliscious!

Mar. 08 2010 02:50 PM
Noelle Lorraine Williams

Blakbushe continues to deliver again, and again and again - powerful sound, powerful technical execution, powerful and amazing performers.

Mar. 08 2010 02:00 PM
$hawn from Brooklyn, County of Kings

Really, out of the 5final Bands, S. Nicole's Blakbushe is on Some Other level/meter of Dynamics, Mobility, Creativity, Unity, Uniqueness, etc., etc. etc.! & They sound Good! I dig what the others were doing, but they put no chills down my spine like the BlakBushe!

Mar. 08 2010 01:07 PM
nucomme from Brooklyn, NY

blakbushe rocked it....

Mar. 08 2010 11:51 AM
Melle Mel

You all did your thang.....but the blaKbushe Band won this battle with a KO!

Mar. 08 2010 11:33 AM
John from Brooklyn

My Cousin, The Emperor is the epitome of a band filled with technical skill, beautiful musicianship, brilliant creativity and all around great music. They definitely deserve to represent Brooklyn.

bobjones - While this is a competition, it is more a celebration of all the great music Brooklyn has to offer. There is no need to start insulting the other contestants. It makes the band you are voting for look bad....

Mar. 08 2010 01:49 AM
Marie from Brooklyn

Go Flutronix! I've seen their shows before and it is like NOTHING you have ever seen! Brooklyn is where new music is at right now and they totally represent the movement. Big fan.

Mar. 07 2010 11:43 PM
bobjones02134 from Brooklyn (where else!)

Sorry people but there's just no comparison to Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe Band--they brought Brooklyn to the HOUSE!! All those other poseurs and wannabe's go back to where you came from and work on your chops 'cause you clearly AIN'T representin' Brooklyn!!

Mar. 07 2010 06:31 PM
Tom Potter from Cambridge, MA

My Cousin, the Emperor is a really together band with a great sound. I'd really like a chance to hear more of their music!

Mar. 07 2010 03:24 PM
Diane from Brooklyn

All of these groups are great but, Flutronix is the most innovative, cutting-edge and has the ability to take music in a new direction. Flutronix definitely wins on originality.

Mar. 07 2010 09:48 AM
Karen from Long Island

My Cousin the Emperor has the perfect blend of heart, soul and talent! Great band!

Mar. 06 2010 10:24 PM

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