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400 Years of History, Live From New York!

Monday July 22 2024 • 10:22am - 10:22am ET

How do you make history accessible, relevant, and exciting for overstimulated New Yorkers today?

Though they employ very different media, one aural, the other visual, The Bowery Boys and the Museum of the City of New York share the common goal of investigating the city’s rich past and making it relevant to today’s audiences. How do you work with older forms of media — a 1923 building, a physical exhibition mounted on four walls, or a radio podcast — to render and interpret key moments of history in digestible and interesting bursts? In our hyper-connected world of instant and ever-present communication, how do you stoke people’s interest in digging into the city’s past?

Join Greg Young and Tom Meyers of the acclaimed local history podcast The Bowery Boys, Sarah Henry, chief curator and deputy director of the Museum of the City of New York, and Steven Jaffe, one of the lead curators of New York at Its Core for a conversation that goes behind the scenes of the making of the museum’s new landmark permanent exhibition. Hosted by Andy Lanset, director of archives for New York Public Radio.

Watch live below beginning 7pm ET:

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