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American Candy: Hocus Pocus

Originally Aired: Wednesday October 25, 2017

American Candy, the always sold-out sketch comedy show, brings its signature brand of hocus pocus back to our stage for a special Halloween edition. Featuring musical guest Ondine Atwell-Hudson.

Created by Hollie Harper, the troupe celebrates the red, white and those-with-hue through smart and edgy sketch and musical comedy. Their combination of progressivism, social commentary and unabashed adulthood has captured a loyal fan base for almost four dozen sold-out shows.

American Candy’s creative team is a hilariously talented crew that creates a full narrative theme for every show. Harper is the show’s executive producer, with Megan O’LearyStephanie BokKeith Sage-ELMark Sasahara and Dumeha Vernice Thompson co-producing.


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