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Behind the Music: Meet the Bands Competing in the 2013 Ultimate Battle of the Boroughs

Battle of the Boroughs

Monday July 15 2024 • 4:40am - 4:40am ET

Battle of the Boroughs Queens representatives The Dirty Gems

Hundreds of musical acts entered. Just over 60 were selected. They competed for the title in each of New York City’s boroughs, made it through two rounds of voting. And now, just five bands – and one Wild Card pick – are standing in the 2013 Battle of the Boroughs talent quest.

Before they return to The Greene Space stage on Friday, June 21, catch up with all the contestants as they take you behind the music. From a trio of violinist brothers originally from Mexico to a pop rock band who met in college and claim a pink piano dinosaur as their mascot and spiritual advisor, here are there stories!

Villalobos Brothers 

Victor V. Gurbo & Co.

Cat Cosmai Band 

Emily Angell & the MK47s

The Dirty Gems 


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