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Black Creativity: Toshi Reagon and Daniel Bernard Roumain

Thursday June 13 2024 • 2:41am - 2:41am ET

Daniel Bernanrd Roumain, Kamilah Forbes and Toshi Reagon

Join composers Toshi Reagon and Daniel Bernard Roumain, Apollo Theater executive producer Kamilah Forbes and vocalist and Helga podcast host Helga Davis for a conversation about the contributions of black artists to contemporary opera and the narratives they are driving in American culture.

The evening includes performances from new works, including Reagon’s “Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower,” an operatic adaption of the science fiction novel, and Roumain’s “We Shall Not Be Moved,” an interdisciplinary opera co-commissioned and co-produced by Harlem’s Apollo Theater, Opera Philadelphia and London’s Hackney Empire, which will have its New York premiere on Friday, October 6 at The Apollo.


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