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Craft Beer Jam’s Farm-to-Tap Brews of New York

Craft Beer Jam

Saturday June 22 2024 • 9:54pm - 9:54pm ET

Discover the magic of farm-to-tap brews from the Hudson Valley, where a new generation of flavor makers has set up shop to create ales with a local-only ethos.

From the honey and fruit to the yeast to the heirloom grains and barley, these young, forward-thinking brewers are reversing years of advancement in brewing technology to make primitive, highly visceral beer. And they are supporting local farmers by sourcing almost exclusively using New York state-grown ingredients. Hosted by Jimmy Carbone, owner of Jimmy’s No. 43 and host of the internet radio show “Beer Sessions Radio” and co-founder of The Good Beer Seal. This is a featured event of the 8th annual NYC July Good Beer Month.


Jakob Cirell, brewer and founder of From The Ground Brewery (Red Hook, NY)

Jason Sahler, head brewer of Strong Rope Brewery (Brooklyn, NY)

Jamie Adam, of Saint James Brewery (Long Island, NY)

Dietrich Gehring, of  Indian Ladder Farmstead Brewery & Cidery (Albany County, NY)

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