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Dubliners: A Quartet (Audio)

Dubliners: A Quartet

Friday July 12 2024 • 2:43pm - 2:43pm ET

Peter Gerety in The Greene Space's production of 'Dubliners: A Quartet'

James Joyce’s eye for detail and his ear for colloquial speech make the “dear, dirty Dublin” of his celebrated short story collection ripe for a dramatic aural experience.

Below, download or listen on demand to the entire four-part audio play by award-winning playwright Arthur Yorinks. Inspired by four of Joyce’s Dubliners stories, the play was performed by an ensemble of noted actors and singers and recorded live in The Greene Space. The first three parts of the play each represent one of the stages of life in Joyce’s work: Araby – childhood; Eveline – adolescence; Clay – maturity; with The Dead completing the theatrical suite.

This recording was post-produced from both live performances in order to create the final audio play. Download or listen via the player below. To experience the work as it was intended, listen to the four parts in order.  

Click the links below to download in parts, or to download the full audio play

Opening Credits
Part 1: Araby
Part 2: Eveline
Part 3: Clay
Part 4: The Dead
Full Audio Play


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