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Elective Surgery? Trans Healthcare and COVID-19

Lives at Stake: Imara Jones in Residence

Originally Aired: Thursday, May 28, 2020

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Transgender health care is precarious at anytime, but the COVID-19 crisis has stretched the delivery of healthcare to transgender and gender non-conforming people to the breaking point.

From trans people avoiding providers during this emergency out of fear of discrimination, to the cancellation of gender-affirming surgeries, trans people are delaying potentially life-saving care. Moreover the handful of trans-specific healthcare providers which do exist are facing financial hardship, due to the coronavirus epidemic. All of these trends are taking place against the backdrop of the Trump Administration’s drive to deny trans people equal access to healthcare and a movement in twenty states to deny healthcare to trans teens.

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Imara talks with Dr. Asa Radix, Senior Director of Research and Education at Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, Evan Urquhart, Contributor at Slate Magazine and Tati Bellamy-Walker, Senior Fellow at Business Insider. Artist Mojo Disco will also discuss their latest film short about their experience with hormone therapy.

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