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Get Lit with All of It: Jonathan Lee

Get Lit with All Of It

Originally Aired: Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Alison Stewart, host of WNYC’s All Of It, continues her virtual book club series with author Jonathan Lee.

Lee’s “engrossing” (Wall Street Journal) novel chronicles one man’s rise to fame and fortune, and his mysterious murder in New York City at the turn of the twentieth century.

In The Great Mistake, Andrew Haswell Green is dead, shot at the venerable age of eighty-three, when he thought life could hold no more surprises. The killing—on Park Avenue in broad daylight, on Friday the thirteenth—shook the city.

Born to a struggling farmer, Green was a self-made man without whom there would be no Central Park, no Metropolitan Museum of Art, no Museum of Natural History, no New York Public Library. But Green had a secret, a life locked within him that now, in the hour of his death, may finally break free.

A work of tremendous depth and piercing emotion, The Great Mistake is the story of a city transformed, a murder that made a private man infamous, and a portrait of a singular individual who found the world closed off to him—yet enlarged it.

To accompany our very New York novel, we’re joined by Claudi of the local band Pinc Louds, who helped keep the city’s live music scene afloat in 2020 with frequent pop-up concerts in Tompkins Square Park. The bandleader will share a couple songs.

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The Great MistakeViewers are encouraged to submit their questions for the author on Twitter and Instagram.

All Of It teams up with the New York Public Library so that New Yorkers can access the book for free through the NYPL app.

Jonathan Lee

Credit: Photo provided by guest.

Jonathan Lee is the author of four novels, most recently The Great Mistake. His previous novel, High Dive, was a best book of the year in publications including The New York Times, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and San Francisco Chronicle. He lives in New York.


Credit: Photo provided by guest.

Pinc Louds’ lead singer, Claudi (all pronouns accepted), moved from Puerto Rico to NYC in 2015 to fulfill her dream of playing in the subway. Through the “litteral” underground, Claudi met the musicians (drummer Rai Mundo and bassist Marc Mosteirin) and puppeteers that would turn Pinc Louds into the full-blown spectacle they are today. The subway also opened many doors for the band, who would soon end up playing in such NYC venues as (le) Poisson Rouge, Joe’s Pub and Lincoln Center, as well as tours throughout the US, Puerto Rico, Europe and Chile.

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