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Icons & Innovators: A Conversation with Pat Cleveland

Friday June 14 2024 • 2:13pm - 2:13pm ET

Pat Cleveland

Join us as author and award-winning television writer and producer Susan Fales-Hill launches a new series of in-depth interviews in The Greene Space with groundbreaking thinkers and artists whose work has shaped our cultural landscape — as well as the next generation who will define its future.

She sits down tonight with fashion icon Pat Cleveland for an intimate conversation. An international supermodel, Cleveland was part of the group of African-American models who revolutionized the staid cat walks of Paris couture in the legendary fashion show at Versailles in 1973. Born in Harlem to an African-American artist and a white jazz saxophonist, she conquered the fashion world, serving as inspiration and muse to some of the 20th century’s most legendary figures: Halston, Vreeland, Warren Beatty, Stephen Burrows.

In this freewheeling exchange, Cleveland will share her perspective on the world of fashion today, as well as anecdotes from her new memoir “Walking with the Muses.”

Watch the entire conversation:

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