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Julian Fleisher Launches 44 Charlton, a Variety Show

44 Charlton: A Variety Show

Monday July 15 2024 • 3:56am - 3:56am ET

Comedian Michelle Buteau

Downtown is still weird and wonderful and we’ve got the variety show to prove it!

44 Charlton is the place where you’ll find a feast of music, comedy, dance, poetry, art, and more – all served up right here in our own Soho studio on the first Friday of every month. Hosted by the inimitable Julian Fleisher and powered by brilliant performers who call the five boroughs home, it’s a celebration of the vibrant creative life of our city and we dare say, the most fun you can have for $15.

Join us tonight as we launch this new series, with comedian Michelle Buteau, music by Adam Platt and Amy Leon, a scary story told by horror filmmaker Larry Fessenden, and a performance by Adrienne Truscott.

Like all great parties, 44 Charlton contains strong opinions, adult language, and NSFW performances.  

Watch the entire show in these videos below.

Part One:

Part Two: 


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