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Michelle Buteau’s Low-Budget Talk Show: Crissle West, Baratunde Thurston and Sunny Anderson

Wednesday June 12 2024 • 11:36pm - 11:36pm ET

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Join us for a night of debauchery with funny lady Michelle Buteau. Imagine the sass of Wendy Williams, the whimsy of PeeWee Herman, and a heavy splash of cheap white wine.

That is Michelle Buteau’s Low-Budget Talk Show. It’s an unpredictable, irreverent take on the late night talk show format. Michelle is joined by musical sidekick Rob Lewis and special guests for hilarious and hard-hitting discussions about food, sex, Beyoncé and everything in between.

Tonight’s guests: The Read co-host Crissle West, comedian Baratunde Thurston and chef Sunny Anderson.

Watch the entire show: 

You know Michelle’s work from the premiere episode of 2 Dope Queens, along with “Key and Peele,” “The Eric Andre Show,” VH1’s “Best Week Ever”and “Big Morning Buzz.”

As a first-generation American, Michelle has a unique take on feminism, race and culture in the US. Her father is Haitian, her mother is Jamaican, and she is married to a Dutch man, with whom she runs a side business dealing Danish modern furniture. So international! Michelle dishes up a distinct point of view that crosses cultures and continents. Join us, for a mostly unscripted evening that will surprise and delight.

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