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Micropolis: It’s Magic!


Saturday May 25 2024 • 7:28pm - 7:28pm ET

The word “magician” might bring back memories of childhood birthday parties or somebody making the Statue of Liberty disappear on TV, but magic is an ever-changing and diverse art form. Join WNYC’S Shumita Basu and meet some of the artists here in New York who are expanding the image of their craft well beyond a white man wearing a top hat (with or without a rabbit inside).  There will be trickery, prestidigitation, and more than a few amazing moments. And yes, we might need a volunteer or two from the audience!

Rajon Lynch, a.k.a. RJ the Magician and the director of the Houdini Museum of New York, talks about what drew him to magic, ways to make magic more inclusive, and he performs some sleight of hand. Magicienne, hypnotist, and historian Belinda Sinclair shares the history of women in magic, how she discovered magic as a kid growing up here in New York, and how the craft has changed over the years. Dennis Kim, a.k.a. The Close-Up Artist, discusses teaching magic to people of all ages and from all around the world, and how social media has allowed the magic community to grow. He performs for our audience.

Micropolis is part of The Greene Space’s ongoing NEXT New York Conversation series. Leadership support is provided by:


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