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Miso, Shoyu and Samurai: The Cuisine and Culture of Aichi Prefecture

Food for Thought | Presented by The Greene Space x MoFAD

Originally Aired: Wednesday, March 10, 2021



Located near the center of mainland Japan, the Aichi prefecture is often overshadowed by neighboring Kyoto and Osaka, but travelers would be remiss not to stop in Nagoya, the country’s 4th largest city, to experience its local cuisine and fascinating history.

Known for specialty food products such as white soy sauce, tsukudani fish and premium quality matcha, Aichi prefecture has a culinary tradition as rich as the dark red hatcho miso that flavors the soups and sauces you’ll find in this region. Also known as the “home of the Samurai,” the sword-wielding warriors who descended from Aichi remain an important part of the region’s identity.

Join MOFAD in partnership with The Greene Space for a virtual exploration of the Aichi prefecture. Led by food writer, photographer and Aichi food ambassador Michael Harlan Turkell, we’ll learn about this region’s unique history and culinary traditions with host of Japan Eats Akiko Katayama and Chef Sachie Nomura. We’ll also get a lesson in Japanese craftsmanship from master bladesmith Murray Carter who studied in Japan under the apprenticeship of Sensei Yasuyuki Sakemoto, whose family custom forged samurai swords for some of Japan’s prominent feudal lords. The event will also feature, Headmaster, Classical Japanese Dance, Nishikawa Company,  Kazumaza Nishikawa.

As part of the evening, Chef Sachie Nomura will teach us how to make one of her favorite traditional dishes from Aichi, Miso Katsu.

As part of your ticket, you have the option of ordering a specialty box of Aichi ingredients including red hatcho miso, white soy sauce and premium matcha. The miso and soy sauce will both be used in Chef Nomura’s demo and will be delivered in time for the program. PREMIUM TICKETS, WHICH INCLUDE THE AICHI INGREDIENT BOX, ARE SOLD OUT BUT REGULAR TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE.

The Aichi Ingredient box includes:

  • Maruya Hatcho Miso: A long fermentation time of about two years produces a dark brown (chocolate-like), firm textured miso. Hatcho miso has a distinctive soybean flavor and slight sweet aroma. Great for making miso soup, simmered dishes, and to make original miso. This miso is matured in authentic wooden tubs for over two years. It is naturally fermented and additive-free, said to have been favored by the first Edo Shogun, and health food connoisseur, Tokugawa Ieyasu.
  • Nitto Jozo White Tamari: In stark contrast to “dark” soy sauce, white tamari is made up of only wheat, salt and water. This product is essentially a white soy sauce, which traditionally is mostly wheat and a little bit of soybean. Nitto Jozo uses locally grown wheat, Japanese sea salt, mountain spring water and koji to make their shiro tamari. The nose is strong malty, with koji and white miso notes, which perfectly highlights it’s sweet, salty and strong umami flavor. It is used to highlight ingredients in a dish, vinaigrettes, sauces, etc.
  • Nanzan-en Nishio Matcha: A full-flavored select ceremonial grade matcha produced entirely from tender first flush tea leaves. Enjoy straight up, or pour over milk to create a signature matcha latte.

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Tickets are available at two levels:

1.) General Admission: Purchase a ticket to receive a unique viewing link and for recipes

2.) General Admission + the Aichi ingredient box: Must be ordered by March 4th



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