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Persuade Me: Repeal the U.S. Constitution?

Wednesday July 24 2024 • 8:43am - 8:43am ET

Are you persuadable? Is your worldview fixed, or are you willing to consider that someone else might actually have a point? If you answered either “Yes, I am super open-minded!” or “Not a chance; I am always right!” then you’ll love “Persuade Me,” a new debate show from WNYC Studios.

Elie Mystal, managing editor of Above the Law and More Perfect legal editor, will try to convince you to go against the conventional wisdom in this new live podcast pilot from WNYC Studios. This month’s guest judge and moderator is WNYC’s own Kai Wright.

Debate #1: Should we repeal and replace the U.S. Constitution?

Is it legitimate to ask women and minorities to live under a Constitution they had no say in crafting? 
 Or is the beauty of our current Constitution that it is amendable, and expandable enough to be inclusive for everybody?

Elie takes the unconventional stance and advocates for a second constitutional convention while appellate lawyer, and one of the youngest people ever to argue a case before the U.S. Supreme Court, Lindsay C. Harrison argues in favor of our current Constitution.

Debate #2: Does ‘Megan’s Law’ Go Too Far?

Megan’s Law requires released sex offenders to register with local law enforcement, who then notify communities and make the registry public. But are these laws fair and effective? Or are they essentially a case of double jeopardy?

Elie will take the unconventional position and argue that these rules are bad for society. “The Bollywood Lawyer” podcast host Seema Iyer will argue that they are important and necessary.

The founding fathers didn’t want to listen to everybody, but we do. Come join us for this debate, and expect to be heard. We’re looking for an interactive audience that will ask questions, voice disagreements, cheer, hiss, and generally be participants in their own seduction.

 You’re invited to be a delegate to WNYC’s impromptu Constitutional Convention. Bring rotten fruit like it’s 1789.


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