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(Still) Live from New York: Works from Home, Ep. 10

Still Live from NYC: Works from Home

Saturday July 13 2024 • 1:46am - 1:46am ET

Climb into our joy machine for 30 minutes and you’ll see what a few local musicians, comedians, dancers and animators can do with nothing but their talents and whatever gear they’ve got in their apartments.

Your esteemed MC Adam Hamway is very much LIVE, and all the videos he’ll introduce to you were curated by The Greene Space team and created by New York City artists while the city has been on pause for social distancing.

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Here are tonight’s featured artists: Like them! Tip them on Venmo or support their favorite local nonprofits!

“Intentions” by 2Saxy

Performers: Grace Kelly and Leo P

Insta: @weare2Saxy

More info: weare2saxy.com/collections/workshops


“Dancing Through Harlem” by Dance Theater of Harlem

Performers: Alexandra Hutchinson, Amanda Smith, Daphne Lee, Lindsey Donnell, Anthony Santos, Derek Brockington, Dustin James, Kouadio Davis

Choreography: Robert Garland

Music: JS Bach Violin Concerto in A minor, BWV 104 – III Allegro Assai

Insta: @dancetheatreofharlem

Donate: www.dancetheatreofharlem.org/emergency-relief-fund/



“Lilygild” by Hillary Hawke

Insta: @highatmissphere

Venmo: @HillaryHawke




“Improvisation” by Lady Jess

Insta: @ladyjessmusic

Donate: www.patreon.com/LadyJessMusic


“Black is Beautiful” by Folklore Urbano

Performers: Pablo Mayor, piano and director Laurent Hounsavi, lead vocal Deborah Resto, background vocal Jainardo Batista, background vocal Ruben Rodriguez, bass Oreste Abrantes, congas, timbal Nick Chavarria, güiro Guido Gonzalez, trumpet Rafi Malkiel; trombone Antonio Orta, baritone sax

Dance Direction and Choreography: Daniel Fetecua

Dancers (Times Square): Daniel Fetecua, Monica Delgado, Lorena Ayub, Melissa Bijur, Sandra Escallon, Krystal Pou, Blakeley White McGuire, Rachel Ubeda, Maria Carolina Velez, Sandra Soto, Rozelynn Murillo, Sandra Gumuzzio, Luisa Piedrahíta

Insta: @folkloreurbanonyc



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