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The Beer-Changing Magic of Brewing with Hops

Monday July 15 2024 • 11:03pm - 11:03pm ET

Meet the brewers and hops farmers behind your favorite pints.

From East Coast to West Coast, hops transform the bitterness, flavor and aroma of beer. The spiciness of certain buds make a saison. Earthy, aromatic hops flavor pilsnsers and Bohemian style lagers. And of course, hops are what make the IPA style the icon of American craft beer.

Learn how to taste and appreciate the hops that give breweries like Russian River, Allagash and Victory their distinct styles guided by Jimmy Carbone, owner of Jimmy’s No. 43 and host of the internet radio show, “Beer Sessions Radio.”

Featured guests:

Jeff O’Neil, founder and proprietor of Industrial Arts Brewing Company in Garnerville, New York, which focuses on using the best ingredients available to make “fresh, clean, hoppy beers”

John Segal, co-owner of Segal Ranch, a third-generation, family hop farm widely known among craft brewers for estate-quality hops and a commitment to innovation in hop growing

John Holl, writer, author of American Craft Beer Cookbook, co-host of Steal This Beer podcast and senior editor of Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine.

Katherine Kyle, a managing partner at New York City’s Blind Tiger Ale House

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